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Meet Columbia's extended family. Having a crew of highly talented athletes and professionals like this is kind of like having a fleet of brothers and sisters. They might be a little faster or stronger, but they lead by example. They remind us that trying stuff is the fuel of progress.

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Extremely Canadian

About Extremely Canadian

Extremely Canadian is all about taking skiers to places they've never even dreamed. Whether that means upping skiers’ abilities and confidence to conquer the steeps, or guiding them in exotic ski locales around the world, Extremely Canadian knows how to take skiers to new heights.

Founded in 1994 by steep skiing pioneer, Peter Smart, the focus has always been about passing on the stoke. "In the early days steep skiing was perceived as just for crazy people. We wanted to bring those feelings of being in wild places to everyone" says Smart.

It's no surprise that after 19 years of in-bounds adventures, they're now pushing into the backcountry with the new Extremely Canadian Backcountry Adventures – the first and only program of its kind in Whistler.

In bounds or out, Extremely Canadian combines technical instruction and tactical coaching with a healthy dose of guiding clients to places they would never find if they were on their own. It's a potent blend of coaching and big mountain passion geared towards the advanced-intermediate to expert skier.

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