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Seagrass Recovery
Seagrass deserves its props, not yours!
Join Columbia Sportswear and the Ocean Foundation as we work to preserve the “nursery of the sea” through the Seagrass Grow Campaign.

“Columbia is the first company in the outdoor industry to recognize the critical importance of seagrass to marine ecosystems, our economy and quality of life,” said Mark J. Spalding, President of The Ocean Foundation. “Together, we will educate thousands of online visitors about the importance of seagrass beds in protecting our oceans and our planet, as well as how to safely travel through them.”

We know that anglers, boaters, and other watersports participants have long been leaders in marine conservation. You value the bays, flats, estuaries, deltas and reefs as much as your own backyard (maybe even more). That’s why we’re asking you to join us as we urge all boaters to raise their props for seagrass.

Seagrass beds are home to dozens of animals, including fish, shellfish, eels, and seahorses; in fact, 70% of marine life is dependent on seagrass at some stage in their life cycle. Unfortunately, a single boat prop can create a scar that can eliminate an entire seagrass meadow.

These scars have led to closures of prime recreational fishing grounds around the globe. At Columbia we believe everyone should have access to the Greater Outdoors. The Seagrass Grow campaign is proactively restoring sections of damaged seagrass beds while educating boaters and other resource users on how to minimize their impact and raise their props. Together, we can ensure productive fisheries, healthy ecosystems, and continued access to our favorite “fishing holes.”

Active restoration of seagrass has been successful and provides continued access to boaters who depend on these waters for their livelihoods and recreation. The SeaGrass Grow Campaign will provide funding to grassroots organizations globally who are working to conserve and restore this critical resource.

For more information about seagrass, restoration projects, safe boating, and applying for grants please log on to the following links:

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