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What knot to do in the greater outdoors

iPhone Knot App
What Knot to Do (in the Greater Outdoors) is your pocket guide to 70 must know knots in six categories. With this App you'll always have just the right knot at the ready, with clear step-by-step tying instructions to meet any and every outdoor need.
What Knot to Do iPhone App
What Knot Features
  • 70 Knots in 6 categories
  • Glossary of terms with over 70 entries
  • Illustrated terminology examples
  • Introduction to knots, cordage and knot tying
  • Easy to follow step-by-step tying instructions
  • Clear, detailed illustrations of every step
  • Each knot referenced to the Ashley Book of Knots (the consummate encyclopedia of knotting)
  • Navigate knot steps by touch, swipe or flick
  • Save any knot to your Favorites list
What Knot to Do

Screen Shots

Knot Categories Screenshot Knot Description Screenshot Knot Tying Instructions Screenshot