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Men's ROC™ II Short


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Style# 1438301
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Style# 1438301
Uses Travel


A clean, understated pair that always stays tough, the newly updated ROC II features a cleaner design with a sleeker fit and a new zip-closed hip pocket built to hold your precious smart-phone in the face of rough terrain.
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Men's ROC™ II Short 3.4 5 34 34
Great Shorts!!! These shorts are the most comfortable shorts I have ever worn! They fit great and look good too! Perfect length with the 8 in inseam, I wish I had about 5 pair in each color! Columbia delivers again in quality and comfortably! February 4, 2012
Sizing I ordered the shorts above in a size 34 the size I wear in all other clothing. When received they were way to large. I returned them and reordered a size 33. Should have known better! When received, the size 33 were still to large. At this point I gave up. September 18, 2014
Mens ROC II shorts These shorts fits great and are very comfortable. Very high quality. August 16, 2014
NOT SAME QUALITY, SIZING IS WAY OFF!! The original ROC shorts were great. I purchased approximately (7) pairs. These are NOT close to the original design. The material is a lesser grade. The pockets are cheaper and the snap is gone. The BIG issue is the sizing. Way off. I wear a 30" waist. The same size shorts measure 33". That's 3" off. WHY DID COLUMBIA HAVE TO MESS WITH THE ORIGINAL, PERFECT DESIGN!! IS ANYONE FROM COLUMBIA READING THE REVIEWS ABOUT THE SIZING ISSUE! I donated my (2) pair to Goodwill. Hopefully someone can use them. I would rather pay more for the original shorts than to have cheap ones that do not fit. June 18, 2014
ROC II Shorts Have bought many of these shorts over the years. Great quality and fit well until this year. Went to buy the ROC II and found the fabric flimsy and the sizing NUTS! I wear a 30" but these fell down two inches. The sizing and quality are just not the same. Why change something that was really good? April 6, 2014
NO Consistency in product sizing I had purchased the same shorts a couple of years ago and have been pleased with the shorts. The main thing that I like about the shorts is that it has a zipper pocket to keep my wallet. I was leaving for a 5 week trip and wanted two new pairs of shorts. I could not find the same style locally and ordered them on line directly from Columbia. The shorts that I had are size 30" ,as such, I ordered the same size. When they arrived the shorts were about 2" too large. Since I was leaving the next day I took the shorts with me along with a belt to keep the shorts from falling down. Not a satisfied customer. December 15, 2013
New ROCII I recently bought some ROC II shorts to replace my well worn ROC I (?) shorts. And I’m very disappointed to find that these are not the same shorts at all. The ROC II shorts differ from the ROC I shorts in several significant ways:: 1. The fabric is much lighter and less robust; 2. There are two fewer belt loops; 3. The pen slot next to the side utility pocket is gone; 4. The interior change pocket is gone; 5. The sewn cuffs are smaller (1¼ vs 2 inch); 6. The back pocket flap is smaller and less secure; 7. The interior friendly “Pants in the family” message from Gert Boyle is gone; 8. The waist is 1 inch larger than advertised All the changes to the ROC II shorts are attempts to use less fabric and save money. My earlier Columbia ROC shorts were unique, of terrific quality and without any direct competition. The new ROCII shorts are just another pair of shorts with lots of competition. I’ll not be buying them again. Very disappointing. Its like loosing an old friend. December 3, 2013
Men's ROC II shorts- abyss blue These shorts are soooo soft! Very comfortable! I was disappointed with the color of the actual shorts (they look much lighter in the picture) and are closer to black than the grey/blue that the picture shows. I was also hoping they would sit right above my knee cap, but go below the knee. The comfort makes up for any kind of disappointing detail though! October 1, 2013
Good but used to be better made As others have noted, the smartphone pocket is shallower than it used to be, and the velcro poorly attached. Waist is vanity sized; I bought a '35' but fits the same as the old 36. Low rise. August 14, 2013
Waist Size Inconceivably Wrong. Can't recommend as the waist on three pair bought is 4 inches larger than labeled. No reliable way to judge what will fit. August 7, 2013
great, with a couple caveats I've been wearing Roc series shorts for years. The only other ones are Patagonia Stand-Up shorts. This latest pair still fits the bill of reasonably priced, well-built, well designed shorts. I only have two small quibbles: Sizing at Columbia is nuts. What's labelled a 30" waist measures 32". Other comments are that they run small. From year to year, all I can conclude is that the sizing is unreliable, so be prepared to send them back if you're not buying them in the store. In addition to the waist, Rocs are getting longer and longer. They're now tickling my calves. Really, why? The other, trivial quibble, is what's with the double back belt loop? Just to encourage people like me to miss one and look kind of silly? I still love these shorts, don't get me wrong, and recommend them highly. I just wish I could have cloned my worn out pair. August 1, 2013
Falling Quality The ROC short used to be my favorite hands down. I recently bought 2 pairs of ROC II's to replace my old and worn out ones and not only do I have to agree with many reviewers that the quality is lower, but it seems that quality control has also flow out the window. The inseam length on the shorts I purchased is closer to 11' than the 10' I ordered, which as a matter of fact is the only length offered for the ROC II. Also worth noting if you are buying on-line is that the colors on the web are misleading. The fossil which I bought is significantly lighter than what it appears when buying on-line. Last but not least you cannot get them outside the USA so for all of us who do not live in the USA buying Columbia products is a matter of trust in their quality... and I'm now no longer willing to buy Columbia products expect in a physical shop where I can check the quality. June 24, 2013
Too big, otherwise good utility short While I appreciate the quality and function--good weight canvas with velcro and zipper in all the right places, they run WAY too big. I am 6' and 165 lbs with a solid 33 inch waist, but these 33's were hanging off of me. I had ordered a 32" waist as well, which fits better, but is still on the loose side, even after a wash and dry. June 19, 2013
Happy with order. I like that these shorts are available in different lengths. It is hard to find shorts that don't go below my knees. Comfortable to wear. Good color choices. June 4, 2013
Men's ROC™ II Short Nice shorts but not the quality of the older shorts , lighter and velco not sewed May 28, 2013
Best Shorts by Columbia Fits true to size. The button works much better than the snap on the Ultimate ROC, which also fit tight. The leg pocket is just right too. Good fabric - not as heavy as the ROC I - but it's wearing well. Pockets are good. Zipper is now nylon, but these are as long-wearing as brass, even if they are not as substantial looking. May 22, 2013
Don't stop making these! Great style. I wear these on the trail or down at the pub. May 14, 2013
Best shorts ever I was very happy to see ROC II shorts offered online. I have a ROC shorts wearer for many years. April 20, 2013
Ruined a Great Thing I have been wearing these shorts for years. They were the best. When I went to reorder for this season I saw a lot of comments about poor fit and reduced quality. I decided to see for myself. The fit was terrible. 2" off in the waist. I bought the same ROC II in the pants and they were fine. No reason for this inconsistency. The fabric is lighter weight and will not wear as well. I put them side by side with my old paid and did a comparison. To make things worse I had to pay for the return. Others take returns prepaid. I know because I buy from them for my family as well. Something is going on a Columbia that I do not like. Did I mention that the kids fleece pilled much sooner than they should have? I have switched them to other brands. More expensive but better overall value (cost + quality+ brand image) We but a lot of gear for my family of five and can shop where we like. I am unhappy with Columbia products. April 14, 2013
Awesome First of all they are a lot better looking in person. I'm super tall (6'6) and they fit perfectly (I like them to hit several inches above the knee cap). Second, they are extremely durable. I wear them all the time in all kinds of scenarios. I have the crouton and fossil. The colors arent exactly accurate in these pictures either. I plan on buying more pairs of these. April 7, 2013
Sizes are not Correect - a QA Problem I love the ROC shorts with their zippered pockets for my wallet BUT be wary of ordering them on-line. Twice I ordered a 35" waist and got ones marked 35" but measuring 38"! Their phone support was very helpful for the returns but they obviously have a bigger problem with their vendor. March 23, 2013
they ruined a great short I own a dozen or so pairs of these shorts, but the lastest design change has me looking elsewhere for all my clothes. If you have something that sells don't change it keep it the same. If you change it change the NAME. October 25, 2012
Excellent fit, great looking!!!! I bought these shorts only recently so can't attest to longevity but the fit is excellent and the look is better. I chose the 8" inseam and it's nice to have shorts that don't drop far below the knee like modern styles dictate (especially if you're not particulary tall/I'm 5'9"). They look great and I will buy several more colors in the same style when I can afford it. September 30, 2012
Best shorts! I bought my first pair of Columbia shorts years ago when I got sidetracked in South Carolina with only long pants. Since that purchase I will buy nothing but. Comfortable, functional, wear great and come out of the wash looking like new. September 13, 2012
good shorts the older models had a built in pocket for your cell phone. that is the only thing I miss here. great shorts, I ordered slightly larger than I needed, I have been loosing weight lately thus could have gone one size smaller. September 1, 2012
not a good fit these shorts were too large, everything else I wear is a 36 inch waist but these 36 inch shorts were not wearable, even with a belt. Also, the inseam seemed too shallow. they fit real low on my hips. I have returned these shorts. August 28, 2012
Great shorts! I've been wearing the ROCII's since before you were adding the rivets and the overall fabric may have been slightly different, but still a great design. As a contractor I put clothing through every rigor imaginable and 9 out of 10 days during warmer months I am in a pair of these shorts. One point of note, PLEASE KEEP PRODUCING THE SHORTER INSEAM! I ordered the 10" this time, and they are okay, but the 8" inseams are much preferred. I couldn't find a single size/ color combination that you guys were actually offering the 8" inseam. August 26, 2012
Less than the Lander short I love my Lander shorts. They are tough, functional, easy to care for, and exceedingly comfortable. These ROC IIs seem to be the closest I can find. These are thinner material and lack the gusseted crotch, but they have a slightly dressier (although "dressy" is not a term accurately applied to a pair of shorts) appearance. I miss the Lander. Best shorts ever. August 10, 2012
If it isn't broke, don't fix it Seriously, I am looking everywhere for your original ROC short. They were great. I live in a coastal community with lots of sportsmen who fish and loved your shorts. Your length is way too long for any of them and the fit on your new shorts is way off. You have lost alot of customers. My son is 19 and loved your shorts as did my husband who is 50. Who is your target market?I can't even find the 8 in inseam in a 38 or 40. The others even on a 6 ft. person is too long. July 22, 2012
BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL ROC SHORTS!!!!! I would like to start by saying I have worn Columbia shorts, pants, t-shirts, polos, and button down shirts for about twelve years now. I have been satisfied with the overall quality of all of my Columbia clothing. I have owned many, many pairs of the ORIGINAL ROC shorts over the years and have enjoyed the fit, quality, and look of them. They were a nice combination casual and ruggedness, which is my style of clothing. These new ROC II shorts are not a quality product and I am very disappointed Columbia decided to change/replace the ORIGINAL ROC shorts. Here is my list of pros and cons for these shorts. CONS: -The weight of the fabric seems thinner, lighter, and more relaxed than before. -The right lower leg pocket has no pencil/pen slot and the velcro is not sewn solidly. -The loss of the inside coin pocket inside the front right pocket. It was nice for keeping change/smaller items organized. -The back pocket velcro is not sewn solidly and isn't large enough. *The biggest problem is the lower rise and overall cut. The rise is too low and the cut is too slim. I liked how the ORIGINAL ROC shorts sat at the waist and were a relaxed fit. I normally wear a 38" waist and 8" inseam, so no matter if I go up a size or not these shorts are not going to fit comfortably. Who are you making these shorts for? People who enjoy drinking a good American lager (down to earth regular people) or people who drink canned energy drinks and wear their hats backwards and pants down to their knees (in other words, idiots). PROS (very few): -Good variety of colors. -The belt loop length and width are nice. The number and spacing of the belt loops is nice, too. Overall Complaint: -Why do so many of your shorts have inseams that are 10-11 inches long? Are all of your customers 6 feet or taller? What about your customers who are shorter? Not everyone wants to look like they are swimming in their shorts. I am very disappointed with the recent pairs of ROC II shorts I purchased and I will be returning them to the store where I ordered them. I will also be purchasing replacement shorts from a different company because you do not offer anything that I am interested in purchasing and wearing. I have looked at your whole selection and everything either has too long of an inseam or the rise is too low. You have lost a customer and I will not purchase any additional clothing from you until you bring back the ORIGINAL ROC shorts. July 6, 2012
Men's Roc II Short My significant other, that I ordered the shorts for, has been wearing shorts from Columbia for many, many years and has always liked the quality and fit. This batch of shorts did not fit well, the quality of the material was poor and so was the workmanship. I had to send them all back. It is a shame, I wish you had not changed the quality and construction of a previously great product. June 19, 2012
Decent These are lower quality than I figured. Fabric is decent but velcro pocket closures are a disappointment. The extra zipper pocket is kinda cool, and the smartphone pocket holds my LG well. June 14, 2012
A Qualified Excellent I ordered my ROC II Shorts because of the placement of the pockets and the rugged, yet classic, look. They are living up to my expectations as long as I wear a belt. Normally a size 38 fits me just right and sometimes a little snug after washing. My ROC II's are a generous 38 and do not shrink with washing. I was also disappointed when they arrived and the velcro fastener, on the right leg pocket, was only tacked in place and came off the first time I tried to use the pocket. Not the normal quality I have come to expect from Columbia. My wife sewed the velcro in place and I wear the shorts all the time. The velcro situation kept me from giving these shorts an Excellent quality rating. June 7, 2012
ROC Shorts Great shorts but too big in the waist compared to the same size (33) in the ROC regular pants. February 20, 2012
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