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The things you try outdoors, captured forever

Our new app lets you immortalize your outdoor adventures with ease. Try new things and explore the outdoors freely. GPS PAL will preserve your journey and your memories.
GPS PAL on Andriod and iPhone
Columbia’s GPS PAL™ – Portable Activity Log
A GPS enabled journaling app that gives you the ability to preserve memorable outdoor experiences on the go. Enjoy and explore the outdoors freely with GPS PAL.
  • Use videos, photos and notes to set GPS tags at favorite spots.
  • Track and store route, distance, time, pace, and elevation automatically
  • Dynamic journaling using time and location to automatically organize your entries
  • Rate and describe events
  • Organize entries with the associated website
  • Send and share adventures via email and social networks
  • Create a free account to view and back up your journal
  • Use videos, photos, and written journaling to create your entries
  • Create and save paths, trails, and adventures for later reflection
  • Store data in the app, and in your online account
  • Use filters to sort through your entries
  • Automatic sync with website account
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