Treadlite™ 22L Backpack
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Treadlite™ 22L Backpack





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Love this pack!

I wanted a good day pack for hiking that I could fit all the stuff I like to take with me for a short or all day hike. I was also looking for a pack with an internal frame that would distribute the weight evenly across my back, since I have a very bad back this was extremely important to me. I love how light this pack is and how much stuff I can pack in it, very roomy and it does distribute the weight in my pack very nicely. I swear this pack feels lighter and cooler than my Camebak. My only complaint is that the frame rubs on my shoulder blades and after a long day on the trail it becomes pretty painful, hopefully I can get it adjusted better to prevent this.


Location: Apache Junction, Az.

Mar 18, 2014

It is a Columbia-level product!

This backpack is very comfortable and seems very high-quality. I am now using it everyday in work and school, the bag could have more spaces for this purpose. However, this bag is designed for another purpose! I think this will do good in adventures and I'm looking forward to test it soon! It is very light-weight and outer pockets are very reachable. The strips are rolled up and strapped, good idea to take care of long strips), however, two of the longest strips are not rolled up and do not look so good! (Shown in attached picture.)


Location: Fayetteville, AR

Mar 7, 2014

Great Bag!

I love this bag, I use it all the time! I can fit my 13" Macbook and two or three decent sized textbooks when I am heading to campus, or a couple changes of clothes and essentials when I take a quick weekend trip to the coast or the city, or I can load it up with some snacks, sandwiches and a few beers for quick day hikes. The backdraft system is great and the straps are actually really comfortable for as thin as they appear to be, I really like the way the way the backdraft system separates my back from the pack, so I don't feel my load poking me in the spine when I don't take the time to balance my pack. I also carry this pack a lot when I am cycling around town, fits snug and doesn't shift around. My only complaint would be the pockets on the hip belt, they are placed too far back on the belt for quick/easy access, and I also have trouble getting them to open and close properly with one hand. Other than that I completely love this pack!


Location: Southern Oregon, OR

May 20, 2013

A bit stiff

First of all I bought the wrong size, mine is a m/L and I should have bought a S/M. Other then that is is a pretty good back, the pouch on the front doesn't stretch all that much so if you have the pack full then you really can't put anything in there. I really like the zippered pouch on top good for quick things, the water bottle or side pouches are also really tight so you can't really abuse or over stuff this pack at all or every extra pouch becomes useless.


Location: Seattle, WA

Dec 11, 2012

Can't wait to try on the trail!

Was first impressed with the light weight of this pack. It only got better after that. Love the material, and all the available spaces for packing. Als0, this pack rests great on the hips with the belt strap, very comfortable so far, I've only worn it on a 2 mile walk. Will head to the mountains soon.

Feb 2, 2012