Endura™ 65L Backpack
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Endura™ 65L Backpack





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This bag pack was everything we were looking for. Spacious with lots of pockets, the bag is light and seems durable.


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Mar 20, 2014

It is what it is

Haven't hit the trail w/it yet (A/T in April), so I can't rate performance. Everything stated in product description is true. Integrated rain cover is nice feature, could possibly use a couple more zippered exterior cargo pockets. I'm confident the pack will perform as expected


Location: Cincinnati, OH

Mar 6, 2014

Great Backpack

I bought this pack along with the 35 Endura and 16 Treadlite daypack. I used this pack for a trip I took snow shoeing from Leadville to 10th mountain hut in Colorado. I had plenty of room for all the gear I brought even though I didn't need to bring as much and could have used the 35L. There were plenty of attachment points on the pack to tie things to. I think that they needed to add some more elastic bands to all the strapping areas on the pack to hold the excess straps.


Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Dec 13, 2013

Worked for what I needed.

I took a trip to south east Asia. this product did not have a lot of cloth or absorbent foam. Which at first seemed kind of cheap. In the humid climate it was perfect.


Location: New Orleans

Dec 11, 2013


Have taken this pack out an several day hikes. Much bigger than one needs for a day hike however, the pack and I have to get to know each other sometime. The Endura is well engineered, durable and lighter than almost ever other 65L pack that I looked at by a pound. The rain fly has made an incredible difference as I have taken the ruck out in the rain and snow, everything came back nice and dry. The bottom of the pack is rubberized and works well at keeping the elements out if you happen to set the ruck down. I am 6'1" 250lbs the 65L at first the ruck seemed small at a glance, though of course once adjusted the pack fits well. The compression straps on the side do a fine job at tightening down different sized loads protecting your gear from banging around. The straps also keep you from sounding like a freight train moving through the woods. Hopefully I'll be heading out to the AT in a year or so and will try to come back and update everyone on how the pack help up.


Location: Michigan

May 9, 2013

Searched, and went with this one.

There are several brands out there that will hold your stuff, but Columbia will get the job done with style and the function of this bag is awesome! The built in rain fly and the large capacity will impress you, but the compression and storage will make you glad you chose this pack. I am 5'-10" and 180# and large is perfect for my needs. It holds all my things for a few days and more.


Location: Evansville, IN

Apr 14, 2013

Old School

I was a little skeptical when I bought the Endura 65 as I am old school and have been using the same backpack for at least 12 years. The pack that I have now has nothing and although comfortable sometimes I fond myself pining for a bag with more features. I was a little hesitant with all the new bells and whistles on the backpack. All the skepticism and hesitation melted away after I road tested it over a weekend. The bag was quite comfortable through the whole trip and I was impressed with all the compartments and the ease of getting it on/off my back. I highly recommend this pack. I like that you can roll up the straps and tuck them away. It always bothers me that on my pack I have so many straps flying around. It carried 40 lbs very well and my shoulders and hips were not rubbed raw like other bags I have tested out.


Location: Glendale, CA.

Mar 24, 2013

Great Pack, a little minimalistic

I will start by saying I love the pack, even with just a 4 star review. I'm going to focus on some things that kept me from giving it 5 stars. -The shoulder and hip straps are not solid. They are a foam zig zag pattern as you can see in the picture. They are comfortable enough, but not quite as comfortable as I would have liked as they concentrate more than standard straps. -As the title says, it's a little minimalistic. I knew what I was buying but after using it on a few trips I would have appreciated a few more outer pockets/places to clip gear to. -One of the clips was put on backwards on its strap. Very minor detail, just a little surprising quality assurance didn't catch it. -The access flap into the main compartment is great, just a hassle when everything is clipped All that being said, this is a great pack with some great features. The built in rain fly is awesome, hip pockets are great, and the fact the whole pack is lifted off the back is fantastic. I knew what I was getting into so all my points could have been foreseen but even so I think it's a great pack that will be accompanying me on my thru hike of Vermont's Long Trail!


Location: Connecticut

Mar 9, 2013

Fantastic Pack

This bag i have not gotten to use much but it is everything i could have hoped for. I am about 6' tall and a 34 " waist, i got the large and it fits well when its close to its smallest size, if your any smaller definitely go for the medium. Stitching all looks solid and well put together, straps are on par with other bags as far as thickness and they are comfortable enough to walk for days. I am used to using tons of carabiners to strap on the extra goodies for trips and this bag has its own external straps that are great for attaching just about anything. Rain fly, aluminum frame, large Main compartment opening, plenty of compression straps, gear straps, not sure what else you could look for


Location: portaland or

Dec 3, 2012

Versatile and comfortable pack !

Had the opportunity to use this pack from coast to coast. I started with a day hike on the Olympic peninsula through the Hoh River Valley in Washington State. Only wanted to test using as a large day pack and had no sleeping bag or tent attached. It was a warm day and the patented vent back was an excellent feature to keep me comfortable and preventing overheat or sweating on my back. Added my hydration system to it, a feature all though not advertised worked fine. Next was the real test. I used the pack this Columbus day weekend to hike over Shelving rock mountain in upstate New York in the Adirondacks down to the shore of Lake George. I had near 70 degree sunny weather to next day periods of rain. I utilized rain cover and this pack was way over stuffed due to forecasted temps in the 30's at night. Pack was bulging and straps were at thier limits but no sign of stress and performed excellent. Rain cover could use a tweak or maybe i configured it wrong but still worked well. I attached my camera tripod to trek pole attachments points and although 3 times the weight or more of a trek pole it did the job. Pack is stable,comfortable and shoulder straps are a comfort i was missing from other packs. Overall,highly recommend and look forward to an overnighter this winter !


Location: Upstate NY

Oct 8, 2012

Contagious outdoors

I can't help but love when you buy something that is so useful and great in quality that is actually INSPIRES you to be out using it. That's the perfect description for this backpack. It's light, comfortable, smartly designed, and excellent quality. The details are well thought out, deliberate. There's things that we didn't realize what they were even for until we were wearing the pack and thought 'It would be nice if we had a place for... Oh wait'. Yep, Columbia already thought of that. My husband is 6'3" and I'm 5'6". While day hiking with our kids we can trade backpack for baby pack and the fit is easily adjusted from one person to the other in seconds. While you probably wouldn't carry it every day (unless you were a thru hiker, I suppose.), it's flexible enough in shape & use for a simple day hike or to stuff full (still impressively light, balanced and breathable around your body) for a wonderfully long adventure...


Location: Salem, OR

Sep 20, 2012

Great Pack

Just received this pack yesterday, and it is great. Well thought out great construction and the fit was perfect. The straps are a little long but can be modified. Can't wait to take this out next weekend. If I have any complaints I will update, but so far I am thrilled.


Location: CA

Sep 14, 2012