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Endura™ 35L Backpack





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Silly flaws

This bag is clearly very well made, and incredibly lightweight... Perfect for hiking and short camping trips, but it has some design flaws that just seem silly. First of all, the side pouches are so thin that you can barely fit a nalgene bottle in it. You have to take off the bag and shove the nalgene forcefully to get it only halfway in the pouch... what else could these pouches possibly be made for if not bottles? Second, the waterproof top that covers the top loader only really fits if the bag is filled to the top, otherwise it flops forward exposing the opening allowing water to enter when it rains... Thats no good... Last but not least, most of the straps on the bag are thin and smooth to make it lightweight, but these straps are so smooth that they loosen quite easily. This is a problem for me because i like to use them to strap things onto the backpack, but as they are now theyll just come lose and fall off.


Location: Florida

Jul 9, 2014

Grate pack

My name is Eri and I do almost anything to do with the woods. I am a lead instructor in the winter time at a Boy Scout high adventure winter survival camp in Maine. I teach my knowledge and skill to at last 100 boys from 12 to 18 from all over New England every winter. I also teach scouts from 10 to 18 in the summer skills in backpacking, camping, and much more. Getting to what you won’t to know about this is the best Day- weekend bag I have ever had. I teach boys how to pack and I use this bag and suggest this bag to everyone. The front pocket fits my size 15 climbing shoes almost perfectly (no more hanging these off the side of the bag). I am also 6feet 2inch and the large bag fits very well and the back cooling system is so nice. The only problem I have ever had is it can be hard to fit my nalgene bottles in the pockets it is not impossible but can be tight which I guess is good because they don’t fall out of my bag. But overall if you don’t know if you won’t this bag or not all I can say is it is a perfect bag. I look forward into getting a lager version of the bag when I have the money someday. Thanks Columbia for ones more a grate product .


Location: Maine

Mar 17, 2014

Great Pack

I bought this pack to hike ski resorts/mtns. and carry my ski boots, helmet, and skis. After loaded weighed 45+ lbs. carried weight well. Lots of straps to control weight. Very comfortable. Bought med size. I'm 5'10" 185 so medium fit well. Extra compartments help hold food and water accessories. One day it was raining then turned to high freezing winds and bag seemed to repel water and weather well. I searched quit a bit and am happy with my purchase. Would buy again and recommend.


Location: Bend, OR

Mar 15, 2014


Love it :), Cant wait to put it to use


Location: Huntsville, Al.

Nov 18, 2013

Hiking, rucking, long distance cycling

I bought the 35L medium size pack, I'm 6ft 180lbs and it fits me perfectly. I have tried out and tested the 50L Large pack and found it a little to much, so I switched down to the medium which was much better. If you're taller then 6 ft I would recommend the large. Overall a great 35L pack, the back suspension to keep the bag off your back helps when it gets really warm. I use this pack for camping, long distance cycling (50-100+mi), and usually out for a weighted ruck run (30-40 lbs). The integrated rain cover is excellent and does what its made for which beats out TNF bags that don't come with one. Some reviews complain about the straps being everywhere, but you shouldn't let that discourage you from this bag since they're easily tucked away. The two complaints I have about this pack is that when fully packed and loaded the top "hood" part of the bag barely pulls over the backside of the bag and can pool in water if you don't tightly pull it over the back suspension. It's a minor issue that hasn't really bothered me but is a slight annoyance. Also that when fully loaded with over 35-40 lbs the shoulder straps can slightly dig into your shoulders and become an annoyance on long hikes/runs, but very manageable. Other then that I highly recommend this pack since it keeps my gear dry and is not too large for what I need.


Location: Kalamazoo,MI

Mar 21, 2013

This is a wow product.

I was just hoping for a good comfy pack and it was loaded with all the cool features as well as having a great fit. I can't wait to give it the full day test.


Location: Driggs, ID 83422

Jan 16, 2013

Mt. Elbert June 2012 Endura 35 Pack

This pack came recommended by a more experienced climber and proved to be the perfect pack. I added a 3L bladder and had plenty of room for my gear and my buddies gear on our Mt. Elbert Summit June 2012. This pack would be perfect for an overnight hike, with ample room for gear. I am 5'10" and ordered the M size pack, the fit was perfect and very comfortable throughout the trip and the waterproof skin proved to be an added piece of mind from my electronics.


Location: Peoria, AZ

Jun 11, 2012

Perfect retirement pack!

I wanted a pack that I could use for an overnight hike in the high deserts. I did not want to carry more than I needed thus the smaller Endura was perfect. If you have a large pack you will fill it up. I'm close to retirement and did not want to carry 40+ pounds. I would highly recommend this pack for that reason.


Location: Arkansas

May 30, 2012

Hiking through the mountains of Idaho and Montana.

The Endura 35 is extremely light weight and has plenty of room to store all my gear. Rain proof so I can load my cameras in it and not have to be concerned. Built in frame that has air space for my back giving me good circulation to prevent heat buildup. I have no doubt that I can Trek through the mountains with this pack on all day hike and be extremely comfortable.


Location: Priest River ID.

Mar 23, 2012