Women’s Shimmer Me™ Hooded Jacket

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Women’s Shimmer Me™ Hooded Jacket





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Great jacket

My daughter love it. Very warm and light.


Location: San Juan, PR

Apr 20, 2013

Perfect step down jacket from my winter, down coat

I cannot speak to the longevity of this product, but I’ve been wearing daily for almost two weeks and so far, so good. The jacket fits well, true to size. I'm 5'9" 148 lbs and the medium is perfect. The shape of the jacket is stylish and shows off a woman's figure instead of "puffing it out." It provides the right amount of warmth for hiking in as cool as 30 degree weather (others may like it for cooler temps, but I am really cold- all the time), the thumb hole inserts insulate the wrists, the hood is not intrusive and serves to protect my neck from drafts when down. I like the draw cord for the hood and the way it tightens provides a little edge to direct rain so it doesn't hit your nose. The hood streamlines my head- not too loose / not too tight. The draw cord around the waist is well constructed and I like how it is adjustable on both sides. The pockets are ultra soft and warm. The green color is bright and fun. I tried six other hooded jackets before deciding on this one, and I could not have asked for a better jacket.


Location: Baltimore, MD

Mar 19, 2013

It really is warm!

I was a little skeptical as to whether this "coat" would really be warm. It's as thin as a spring jacket or most hoodies that I already own. I was amazed, though... this coat is awesome! It's light-weight, and so warm I don't even need a sweater underneath. And that's saying a lot... I get cold very easily. I love this coat so much, I just may buy another in a different color when it becomes available. I have the Neon Light color now and it fits my Sparkley personality to a T! My only issue is that it's a little too long for me (maybe it should also be made in petite) and it's a little big in the torso area. Otherwise, I LUV THIS COAT!


Location: New York, NY

Mar 12, 2013

Not totally what i was expecting but like a lot

It is not as warm as i was expecting when the temps are in the teens. I am normally a medium except in jackets and there I am a large. I am 5'8, 150 lbs & it fits well. Columbia does not pay return shipping which is a little frustrating so read the reviews and decide carefully.


Location: Indianapolis

Feb 21, 2013

Great Jacket

Medium size is perfectly fit (maybe even runs a little small) so choose large if you are used to medium size being a little large. Jacket is nice and warm. Looks really good. The inside gloves are nice as well.


Location: Connecticut

Feb 9, 2013


The day I wore this jacket was 38 degrees in Chicago. It really is a cute jacket but it is not warm. I thought the reflective panels was supposed generate heat. Did not happen. Although I did get it zipped it was tight. Order up a size. I did order medium but I should have ordered large.


Location: Chicago,IL

Feb 8, 2013

Best jacket ever!

I love my new jacket! Its super warm, fits perfectly and has everything one could ever need to keep warm. The hood fits perfectly, it has a pocket for your cell phone, cool wholes for your thumbs and the interior reflective lining keeps me super toasty. Also, the two front pockets are lined with a super warm fleece. Love this !!!


Location: Ridgefield, CT

Feb 6, 2013

It's bright, but it's warm!!

This jacket is awesome. I am a very cold person so this was perfect for me. We've had a cold winter already & when I go out in the 17 degree weather, my legs are cold...but not my torso. It's very light weight & doesn't "get in the way" when I'm driving or shoveling snow. By the time I ordered the jacket, the only color available was the Neon Light. I wasn't so sure about it, but I found it makes a statement & I love it. A plus of the shimmery lining...if you turn it inside out and shine a flash light on it you have a disco ball!! jk All that really matters is that it is WARM!!


Location: Cinnaminson, NJ

Feb 5, 2013

Exactly what I wanted

Love this jacket. It is lightweight but warm. There is really no bulk. It is easy to move around in and you can get a seatbelt withouth feeling like you are trapped. I am sure I will get many years of use out of it.


Location: Corona CA

Jan 31, 2013

Although a light weight jacket, keeps one very warm

We have been having very cold weather in Portland, OR and I do not need to layer with this jacket to stay warm. Very happy with this product.


Location: Portland, OR

Jan 27, 2013


AWESOME the jacket actually is the warmest one I have ever owned.


Location: Wilmington DE

Jan 26, 2013

Thin but warmer than you'd think.

Runs small. It's a lot thinner than it appears on this website. But it's also warmer than you'd expect. However, I would not call this a "Winter" jacket by any means.

Jan 25, 2013

Good for Chicago wind

This coat is very comfortable and warm. Given on very cold days I wear my North Face fleece under for more warmth. Overall its a good fit, a little long on my arms but I'm able to roll the sleeves up. I only go from the car to my house or work; therefore not in the cold too much..only when I walk my dog. It does the good.


Location: Chicago, Il

Jan 22, 2013

cozy in seattle

I love this jacket! I love that it is not a puffy jacket with all of the warmth! I have worn it for about a month now in 30 degree temps and is still warm. I think that any lower and you would either need to layer more or wear a coat for colder weather. The pockets are lined which makes your hands warm quickly. The fit is just right. Roomy enough for a sweater underneath but not so bulky it looks too large. I also love the thumbholes. Wind does not get in ; ) Also, the color black is a true black.


Location: Seattle, WA

Jan 21, 2013

Love this coat!!!

I got this coat for my birthday and I love it! It fits true to size and it's really light weight yet very warm. I ordered it online and I was concerned that it was going to be bulky but it's not at all.


Location: New Jersey

Jan 20, 2013

Very warm!

I love this jacket! I have a hard time finding jackets where the sleeves are long enough for me and these are just long enough! I am 5' 10", 135lbs. and went with a small. Overall fit is good too, would have liked it to be just a tad bit longer in the torso, but still fits good. I ordered this online and when I got it, I was little worried because it was lighter than other jackets I have, but I have had no trouble staying warm!


Location: Pa

Jan 20, 2013

Bright Color! Very Warm!

I originally wanted to purchase this jacket in any color other than the Neon Light or Black. However, all colors were out of stock at the time expect those two. So I went with the Neon Light. It's very bright but I really like it and have gotten many compliments. I am 128lbs, 35" bust, and 29" hips- went with a Small and it fit perfectly. Read some other reviews and I agree that it is not the best coat for aesthetic use, but it does do its job of keeping me warm!


Location: Oregon

Jan 17, 2013

love it, can't take it off.

I'm petite (5'4", 105lbs), and sometimes it's hard to find a puffy jacket that looks right on me. They usually look HUGE and shapeless. I decided to take a chance on the Shimmer Me in black., I bought it online without seeing it in person. I am so glad that I did, as right now there is a serious cold snap in my area (The highs have been below 50), and none of my coats are keeping me warm. This jacket is perfect. It's a puffy jacket without the puffyness! The arm length is just right. There's plenty of room for me to wear a long sleeved shirt underneath or a sweater. There's really no need to because the jacket keeps me sooooooo warm. The thumb holes are great. It's the perfect length. Often times with other xs coats I've tried on, I notice that the length can sometimes be too short, while the rest of the jacket fits fine. This just touches the top of my thighs. Also, it seems like it's fitted, because I can still see the curve of my waist...another big issue I have with puffy jackets is that they have no shape. Shimmer me is so light you wouldn't think it would keep you soooooo warm, but it totally does. I don't even want to take it off after I get home. :) I'm glad I went with the black, but I think I want the graphite one too (I read that it's actually more of a green color!). If you're reading this, you must be trying to decide if you want it, just go ahead buy it. You know you want to, it's worth the $.


Location: San Francisco, Ca.

Jan 16, 2013

The Perfect Winter Jacket!

This is absolutely the best winter jacket I have ever owned. I had read several reviews about the Omni-heat jackets before I purchased it. I hate wearing a coat, especially when I'm driving, but the winter's are so cold in Utah that I don't have a choice. I was looking for something warm and light weight. This jacket is exactly what I was looking for. In fact, I went in search of it around town and every store was sold out, which gave me my first clue it was a great jacket! So I ordered it online from Columbia. It came quickly and needless to say, I haven't taken it off since. We've had an extremely cold winter, even by Utah standards and have routinely seen temps below zero. I haven't been cold yet wearing my jacket. Taking the dog for walks in sub-zero hasn't been bad at all. At least not for me, maybe the dogs not that happy though. :) I would recommend this jacket to anyone looking for great style, super warmth and light weight. Love it!!


Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Jan 15, 2013


I just got this jacket last week, and wear it all the time. The fact that it keeps me so warm is the huge bonus as I'm often times cold. The best thing I have to say about this is that it works everywhere! I was heading to the mountain to ski yesterday and halfway there I realized that I had forgotten my ski jacket at home. This was the only jacket I had so thought I'd give it a chance. I was able to ski all day long - kept me as warm as my ski jacket does, and was easy to maneuver in as well. This jacket is now my favorite!


Location: Beaverton, OR

Jan 14, 2013

Present for my Mom

My mom works in a cold environment and is sometimes exposed to the elements: wind, rain, etc. She needed a good, warm jacket. she loves it! It's great because it is light and not bulky at all. I was worried that it was going to be too small when it arrived--she wouldn't be able to wear much underneath the jacket--but, it fits her perfect (she's about 5'4 and petite). She is able to wear a sweater or sweatshirt underneath just fine--and she doesn't need much more because the jacket itself is plenty warm. She reports that it blocks the wind just fine and she stays warm even when she gets sprinkled on (haven't tried it in a descent rain yet). The red color is bright, but she likes it (as do I). She's easy to find.


Location: Oregon

Jan 14, 2013

Love the lightweight warmth!

I am always cold, but hate to wear bulky coats. This coat is so lightweight and warm! I love it! It is a lot warmer than I thought it would be. The pockets are nice and large and the sleeves are roomy enough to wear something a little thicker underneath the coat and still have room to move around. Wouldn't change a thing!


Location: Port Orchard, WA

Jan 12, 2013

Women's Shimmer Me Hooded Jacket

Wow - what a great jacket! It is light-weight and very soft, but VERY warm. This has helped keep me warm, but I don't feel heavily bundled up when I'm out and about in 30 degree temps. And with the hood, I keep dry, too. It feels great and has a flattering fit (for my shape, anyway). I usually wear a XL in Columbia clothing/jackets and this was very true to size.


Location: Portland, OR

Jan 11, 2013

It is not too fashion, but totally useful...

This is my first product purchase from Columbia. It is light and keep me from cold. When I saw the red one in display, I knew immediate that I like it. For someone who like fashion, you know it is not fashion enough, but it is warm enough. It warms to your heart.


Location: Seattle, WA

Jan 3, 2013

this product has great features

colors is god ,perfect weight ,easy washable,comfortable,


Location: nj

Jan 3, 2013

Nice jacket

I've been looking for a jacket like this, and while I'd prefer down, $300 just isn't in my budget. This jacket is great. Some reviewers have commented on the long sleeves, they are nice and long, but not too long. It is a little big around the waste area, but not enough for me to size down (I'm 5'8" and 155 lbs) I ordered a size large. All in all a great jacket, I've been wearing it almost daily!


Location: bend, or

Jan 3, 2013

Functionality that looks great!

This coat is a fantastic multi-use jacket. It is very warm but super light weight. It works well as a daily wear coat as well as an exercise or winter sport coat. It looks great and can be worn for fashion as well as function. I received this as a gift and would recommend it to anyone!


Location: Lowell, Indiana

Jan 3, 2013

Great Jacket, but wrong size... :(

She loves the jacket, but it happens to be too small. Is this one available in XXL?


Location: Detroit, MI

Jan 3, 2013

Best Jacket I own

I was worried about it being too small but it fits perfectly with enough room to wear sweaters underneath, etc. Super warm and the hood is a great size cause it actually covers your head. Probably the best coat purchase I've made in a long time! I am 5'6" and 135 pounds and I bought a size Small.


Location: Seattle, WA

Jan 2, 2013

Does NOT run big.

If you have a large bust, move on to something else, this jacket is not for you.


Location: Buffalo,NY

Jan 2, 2013

Wife' s Christmas gift.

She loves everything about this coat. The little thumb holes, the way the hood fits and the little style. I got her the red one. She said she has never been warm in the middle unless it was a huge bulky coat. She's small and thin. She now says she feels warm in a smaller coat.


Location: Pennsylvania

Jan 1, 2013

This product is lightweight but nice and warm.

I am extremely happy with my Shimmer Me. Wonderful product. I love how the jacket fits and I especially love the cuffs with the thumb hole for warmth. You've thought of everything. Columbia is my chose for winter wear. Good job.


Location: Philadelphia, PA

Jan 1, 2013

Good improvement from last year, better fit

This is the new version of the Le Lustre Columbia offered the last couple of years. I was debating between the Le Lustre & the Kaleidaslope II last year. I ended up deciding that I wanted the Kaleidaslope more & got that one (liked the fuzzy, warm collar & decided I didn't need the hood... otherwise they're the same). I had to size up to a large (I'm normally a medium in Columbia) because the liner in both jacket styles was too tight. WELL, a friend told me they've corrected that this year with the new designs so I went to my local Columbia & sure enough... they fit much better. So, for Christmas, I asked for & received the Shimmer Me in the GRAVEL and in my normal medium. FITS PERFECTLY! So happy they corrected the arms but now I am really unhappy with my Kaleidaslope II because it looks way too big in comparison now (I got the Metal color which is gorgeous & replaced by the Mystery which is not!). So for all of you who tried on & passed up on these styles last year, you must revisit them! The GRAVEL color is weird (but totally works for me). It looks like a charcoal grey (kinda what I think of the color in "gravel") online & indoors... but outside it's dark green. A pretty green, but green nonetheless! SOOO... if you're not a fan of green in any way, take this into consideration if ordering online! The hood on this jacket isn't bulky & I barely notice it's there. I love the tall collar in the front so I can hide my face down inside when it's cold & windy. I am a gal with longer than normal arms & these jackets (thanks to the long liner) cover my wrists well (except I really can't use the thumb hole... about 3/4" too short to use comfortably). The liner is thinner than last year's designs.. makes it feel more delicate when pulling the coat off. I love the jacket length, gives me good coverage w/out feeling like I'm baring all when lifting my arms (I'm 5'10"), I sits below my hips. This jacket isn't great for layering as the sleeves are still a little slimmer (primarily the liner) but I don't think you need to add much bulk under this jacket, it's pretty warm. I've worn it before w/a t-shirt under it & was getting hot & clammy that I had trouble getting the jacket off because the liner was sticking to my arms... just an FYI! I reduced the "quality" rating because there's lots of loose thread on all the "quilting" lines.


Location: Portland, OR

Dec 27, 2012

Satisfied Wife

I bought this for my wife as a Christmas present. She loves it (and now loves me more) and has gotten a LOT of compliments on it. Seems to be well-made and plenty warm. Great coat.


Location: Newberg, OR

Dec 27, 2012

Perfect present

Gave coat to daughter for X-mas. She LOVED it.


Location: Findlay, OH

Dec 25, 2012

Loving it!

I usually don't wear short jackets because I don't like it when my legs are cold, but I love the warmth of this jacket. I wore it today, a very windy and cold day in NY. I was sooo warm! The wind couldn't penetrate and the omni-heat lining really did keep my body heat in, almost to the point of making me sweat. I'm sure that I will get a lot of wear out of it this winter. It's my weekender jacket.


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Dec 22, 2012

Good Jacket to Have

Performs well: Lightweight, blocks wind, good size hood, very warm. My only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because the arm holes run small. It is fine if you are wearing a t-shirt or something similar, but snug otherwise. Could use more room in the arm holes.


Location: Maryland

Dec 21, 2012

Pleased with my Shimmer Me Jacket!

The Shimmer Me Hooded Jacket is a nice, light weight, but very warm jacket. At first, I was shopping around for a more full, fluffy coat because that is what seems to bring warmth... however, with the features of this coat, it is very toasty despite the lightweight feel. It's very comfortable and non restricting at all. The arms of the jacket give a very comfortable fit so that you can move easily. The size runs slightly big and the sleeves are oddly long. About 2 to 3 inches longer than I would have wanted. I'm 5'6 and 125. I typically wear a small, sometimes medium, and very glad I went with a small in this jacket.


Location: Fort Wayne, IN

Dec 13, 2012

Wonderful Coat!

This coat is everything I expected! Light weight, no bulk, yet very warm. The reflective lining absolutely works! This is actually the third coat with the same lining that I own. Love them all!!!


Location: Fairmont, NC

Dec 11, 2012

This prduct is light weight.

This is a great prodict but it runs slightly small and it is difficult to fit with the bugaboo shell.

Dec 7, 2012

Great jacket

I love this jacket. It keeps you very warm!


Location: Seattle, WA

Nov 25, 2012

Great Jacket

I ordered this jacket offline and I LOVE it! The green was a little brighter than I thought based on the picture, but it is sweet. It fits great, the hood is awesome and the zip in front comes up high so you can bury your face in if it is really cold. I don't have any complaints about this jacket, very happy with it! (Which says a lot since it is my third down jacket-the first two weren't quite right!)


Location: Oregon

Nov 13, 2012

so warm

I just moved to snowy utah, and this jacket is perfect! It is so light weight and so warm! It's a little bit big on me, but perfect for wearing sweatshirts underneath, however, it's warm enough without another layer.


Location: Utah

Nov 10, 2012


I'm 5'2" and about 105 lbs and the XS is a perfect fit. It's very lightweight, yet keeps me very warm. I don't know how it does in the rain/snow yet but I absolutely love it!


Location: Washington, DC

Oct 30, 2012

Love this coat!

I bought this for my daughter. It is perfect for her. It's thin, yet extremely warm. She loves it! The color is absolutely beautiful. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a warm, comfy jacket that isn't bulky at all.


Location: Kiel, wi

Oct 22, 2012

Great jacket, wish it fit a little better

I got this jacket in a Medium (as I do with everything) and I wish I had gotten a small. Everything I have from Columbia is Medium and fits great so I was surprised that this jacket fit so loose. I got the Emerald color and it looks great, exactly as pictured. The jacket is super warm and light. Overall a good jacket. I love the thumbholes and the sleeves on all my Columbia gear are nice and long for my long arms. I am 5'7" and 140 lbs.

Location: Seattle

Oct 17, 2012

warning on colors

This jacket fits great and I love every physical aspect of it but the color is not at all what I expected. The colors in images provided here are much more subdued! I ordered one in red and one in green expecting what is pictured but the red is a very bright, fluorescent red and the green is a Kelly green, also very bright. I ended up giving them both away to people who love bright colors... just an fyi! Size was as expected; I usually where a small and the small was great. I'm 5'8, 135 lbs with a longish torso and 32c/26/38 measurements. The hood is nice and big, great for up-dos in the woods.


Location: north cascades, WA

Oct 13, 2012

It will be a chilly semester

My first year at college I couldn't be caught in my high school varsity jacket. This is a great coat that is sure to keep me warm this semester.


Location: Big Rapids, MI

Oct 10, 2012

Good... For the most part.

I really enjoy how this coat fits and looks, LOVE the thumb holes, and the interior reflective dot whatnot is pretty cool (whether it works or not I couldn't tell you). I ordered the Charcoal colored coat initially. When I took it out of the package, I swear it was dark green. In most lighting (including natural/outdoor lighting) the coat looks like a dark greenish gray. In some indoor lighting I can tell it looks gray, but its such a "gray area" (like my play on words?) that I didn't want to risk it being mistaken for dark green. I sent it back and ordered black instead. Just a warning to anyone thinking about the Charcoal color!


Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Oct 9, 2012

Great coat!

This coat fits true to size, it is super warm, I love the thumb holes, great color, great fit!


Location: Logan,UT

Sep 11, 2012