Columbia Sportswear Athletic Socks

Browse this amazing collection of athletic socks at Columbia Sportswear and find the perfect pair for your needs. Whether you've spent a day hiking up a challenging trail, are deep into the third set on the tennis court, or working a double shift at a busy new restaurant, you know the importance of quality socks. Performance socks from this selection are made to be breathable, comfortable, and provide a slight amount of extra padding. These high quality socks will help any pair of shoes live up to their potential.

Durable socks from this line are made to meet the same high standards that have made Columbia Sportswear a global leader in active apparel. You will clock countless miles in these incredible socks. Bring along an extra pair on your next trek through the wilderness. There's nothing quite like the invigorating feeling of slipping on a clean pair in the middle of a hike.