We are currently running low on our selection of boys' hiking boots, but you can check out the rest of our selection of boys' shoes.

Boys' Hiking Boots

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Columbia Sportswear Boys' Hiking Boots

Make sure your child has great footing on that mountain trail with boys' hiking boots from Columbia Sportswear. As the miles mount, there's no substitute for quality footwear. Whether you're a family of avid hikers who spend every free moment exploring the local woods, hills and streams, preparing for a weeklong getaway at a famous national park, or just looking for a pair of boots for the occasional trek through muddy terrain, you'll enjoy browsing this fantastic selection.

Hiking boots for boys in this line are made to meet the same high standards in durability and comfort that you've come to expect from adult footwear and apparel by Columbia Sportswear. They will provide him with excellent traction on a variety of surfaces, support for both his arches and ankles, and impact cushioning to lessen the stress on his knees, hips, and lower back. Plan ahead for that coming growth spurt, and don't let ill-fitting boots ruin that vacation in the wilderness.