Columbia Sportswear Bugaboo™

If you're after performance outerwear that's ideal for enjoying the snow, look no further than the Bugaboo™ line from Columbia Sportswear. Whether you're sledding down the local hill with the kids, swooshing down the slopes of your favorite mountain, or preparing an impenetrable snow fort for that looming family snowball fight, you'll find the Columbia Bugaboo™ collection contains the apparel you need to stay warm and dry. Choose from a variety of garments for men, women and kids.

Interchange Bugaboo™ jackets are three coats in one, and well-suited to handle changing environmental conditions. Like all apparel from Columbia Sportswear, Bugaboo™ clothing is made from premium materials. This high-quality clothing is designed to be trail tough, and comfortable to wear, even after a long day on the mountain.

Make the most out of the uniquely beautiful winter season with well insulated apparel that protects against wetness. Select a popular garment from this collection today.