Columbia Sportswear Camping Backpacks

Carry your clothes, food and other supplies in brilliantly designed camping backpacks from this incredible selection at Columbia Sportswear. These premium outdoor backpacks are manufactured from high-quality materials. They'll protect your necessities, distribute weight evenly to cut down on fatigue, and won't easily tear, even when faced with a dense forest full of sharp protruding branches. Technical backpacks from this collection are equipped with padded straps and backs, and will be comfortable to wear from the beginning of the day to the end of an exhausting hike.

Experience the majesty of nature with these backpacks for outdoors adventures. Like all apparel and gear from Columbia Sportswear, these performance packs are made to handle the harsh realities of life in the wilderness. Choose from a range of impressive styles featuring bright vibrant hues for increased visibility, or classic black and white designs. These remarkable products also make thoughtful gifts for the woodsman or woman in your life.