Columbia Sportswear Convertible Pants

Browse convertible pants for both men and women in this amazing collection at Columbia Sportswear. Choosing the right clothing for a camping trip can be difficult. In some areas, especially at higher elevations, the difference between morning or evening temperatures and the midday heat can be drastic enough to necessitate packing both long pants and shorts. Save space in your backpack with a pair of these incredible conversion pants. With removable legs, they quickly transform from trousers to shorts and back again.

Manufactured from choice materials to be trail tough and great fitting, these adaptable bottoms are a must have for any explorer trekking in uncertain conditions. They're warm, yet breathable, provide protection against thorns and prickles, and are designed to cut down on annoying chafing, even after a long and strenuous march through the wild. Shop today and get the best of both worlds in a single garment with detachable leg pants from this line.