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Columbia Sportswear Daypacks

Whether you're off for a weekend camping adventure, miles from civilization, traveling to a far off continent for a quick vacation, or just spending the night at a friend's place across town, you'll find daypacks from Columbia Sportswear are the perfect way to carry your clothing, toiletries, supplies, snacks, and other important items. These fantastic hiking backpacks are brilliantly designed to balance weight on your shoulders and back. This allows you to carry a load for longer with less fatigue. It makes a big difference for both those scaling a steep mountain path, and those traversing a busy airport.

Lightweight and durable, hiking packs from Columbia Sportswear are designed with the modern outdoorsman or woman in mind. When you're in the wild an equipment failure can be disastrous. Don't cut your expedition short because of a busted strap or torn fabric. With a hiking bag from this collection, you'll have a performance product that you can count on, from the morning light to when you pitch your tent at the end of the day.