Columbia Sportswear Fishing Jackets & Vests

Browse premium fishing jackets & vests from Columbia Sportswear today. Whether you're a seasoned pro who knows all the tricks to get the fish to bite, an avid angler who spends every free moment on the water, or just a hobbyist who enjoys the occasional afternoon at the river or lake, you'll find brilliantly designed fishing vests from this collection are perfect for keeping important gear readily accessible. Beat the elements with durable PFG jackets that will insulate your core against cool autumn air or a brisk sea-breeze.

Fishing outwear from this inspired line is made to meet the same trail tough standards you've come to expect from all outdoors and activewear by Columbia Sportswear. Pack a light outer layer on a warm day, and be prepared to stay comfortable if the conditions change, or fish all year round with a fleece or parka from this collection. Put a delicious dinner on your family's table with this performance apparel.