Columbia Sportswear Girls' Apparel

Browse a line of well-made girls' apparel from Columbia Sportswear and find the perfect garments for your kid's unique style. Manufactured from trail tough fabrics, all of these premium garments are engineered to meet high standards in terms of durability, appearance and fit. Purchase something for right now, or plan ahead for the coming year and make sure she has warm clothing after her next growth spurt. Apparel for girls in this impressive collection includes outerwear, hiking boots, and much more.

Whether she's a winter sports fanatic who spends every free minute swooshing down the slopes or skating on the pond, or just looking to stay warm and dry as she sleds down the local hill with family on a snow day, this brilliantly designed clothing from Columbia Sportswear is up to the task. Shop today and choose from an array of colors from lush earthy tones to eye-catching pinks and purples.