Columbia Sportswear Hydration Packs

Shop hydration packs from Columbia Sportswear and find the right gear to make your next trek a success. Getting dehydrated on the trail can cut a day's hike short, and lead to an unsafe situation. With these high-quality water backpacks, you'll have instant refreshment on hand, all throughout your journey. Choose from a range of brilliant designs, including different storage capacities and fits. Engineered to rest comfortably on your shoulders, these amazing packs provide excellent balance. This allows you to carry a heavy load of water for longer, with less fatigue.

Like all hiking and camping equipment from Columbia Sportswear, hydration backpacks from this collection are trail tough products that are made from first-rate materials. They'll accompany you on many expeditions, from a quick hike up the local peak on a hot afternoon, to a multi-day trek through the wild, miles from home. Stay healthy while you enjoy nature with these fantastic hydro backpacks.