Light Jackets

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Columbia Sportswear Light Jackets

From an unseasonably warm winter afternoon to a chilly summer night by the sea, as well as the changing temperatures of those in between months, you'll enjoy friends, family and nature in light jackets from Columbia Sportswear. Men's light jackets and women's light jackets in this selection are made from choice fabric. Manufactured to meet high standards, this trail tough apparel is extremely durable and designed to be comfortable, even after a difficult hike up a rocky mountain path.

Thin jackets in this selection will provide the right amount of protection without causing you to overheat. Whether you're off to a day at the beach, a camping trip deep in the woods or just running errands in your hometown, these fantastic jackets will help you deal with an unexpected cold snap. Shop Columbia Sportswear today and discover a premium garment that fits your personal style. Don't cut your outdoors time short. Stay warm with this incredible apparel.