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Columbia Sportswear Outdoor Vests

Browse this incredible selection of outdoor vests from Columbia Sportswear and discover a performance garment that's well-suited for a range of environments. Winter vests from this collection are adaptable apparel that will keep your core insulated while allowing your arms free motion. From collecting firewood to shoveling your driveway, setting up a campsite or playing a pickup game of pond hockey, these incredible designs are perfect for a range of activities.

Warm vests from Columbia Sportswear are manufactured from trail tough materials. Wear them with a long sleeve turtleneck on milder days, or pair them with a fleece pullover for cold nights. Performance vests from this line are a mix of fashion and function. They'll fit right in at the grocery store and at the state park. Add options to your outerwear wardrobe with these brilliantly made styles. Get out and explore your world, no matter the season, with premium hiking and camping vests.