Silver Ridge™

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Columbia Sportswear Silver Ridge™

In the Silver Ridge™ collection from Columbia Sportswear, you'll find a range of inspired clothes that are perfect for a variety of settings. From button down shirts and stylish pants that can create a wonderful look for the office or boardroom, to shorts and tees that are great for a summer afternoon in the park, a hike up that scenic path, or a weekend trip to that quaint seaside town, there's something for every individual's unique tastes and needs in this selection. Browse an assortment of brilliantly designed garments for men and women.

The Columbia Silver Ridge™ line is expertly manufactured from the finest materials. This clothing is trail tough and attractive. With proper care, it will retain its vibrant color and exceptional fit for years. Whether you're shopping for a single item to wear on an upcoming vacation, or reinventing your wardrobe for the coming season, Columbia Sportswear has the quality apparel you seek.