Columbia Sportswear Snow Bibs

Enjoy a winter wonderland with premium snow bibs from this amazing line by Columbia Sportswear. Whether you're building a snow fort in preparation for a family snowball fight, ice skating on the local pond, sledding on a day off from school, or carving up the mountainside with a snowboard, you find these brilliantly designed garments will keep you dry and warm. There's nothing worse than the cold blast of snow rushing up under your jacket after a gnarly wipe out on the slopes. Snow overalls cover an area up to your chest, thus providing an almost impenetrable barrier between your body and the elements.

It's important to stay active all year round. With snow bib pants from this collection at Columbia Sportswear, you'll have the right apparel for a range of winter sports. Get outdoors and breathe in the brisk air. Experience the stark beauty of the season, or the rush of speeding down the hill in this performance activewear.