Training Pants

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Columbia Sportswear Training Pants

Shop training pants at Columbia Sportswear today and discover a fantastic selection of premium bottoms that are made for active wear. Whether you're powering through difficult reps in the gym, taking a heart-pumping spin class, jogging the extra mile in preparation for an upcoming race, or setting a personal record at Cross-Fit, you need premium pants that provide support without restricting your motion. In this collection of men's training pants and women's training pants you'll find apparel that is made from high-tech materials. Designed to be comfortable, breathable to regulate temperature and featuring moisture-wicking properties that help manage sweat, these amazing bottoms will help you stay cool and dry while you focus on your goals.

Like all clothing from Columbia Sportswear, garments from this line are trail tough. From wear in the wild, to your local health club, you'll appreciate the durability and expert attention paid to every last stitch on this popular apparel.