Training Shoes

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Columbia Sportswear Training Shoes

Shop training shoes from this impressive selection by Columbia Sportswear and have the right footwear for your workout. A great pair of shoes are important for almost any athletic activity. From lifting weights in the gym, to jogging down the trail, aerobic exercises, or just taking a brisk walk through town, trainer shoes from this line are up to the task. They provide support for both front to back and lateral movement, and impact cushioning that will lessen stress on your knees, hips, and lower back.

Men's training shoes and women's training shoes from Columbia Sportswear feature a high-tech outsole designed to give you excellent traction on a range of surfaces. Lightweight and breathable, these popular sneakers will keep your feet from overheating, even after a grueling session on the elliptical or a summertime hike up a challenging mountain path. Upgrade to this expertly designed footwear, and experience the difference the right pair of shoes can make.