Women's Skinny Pants

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Columbia Sportswear Women's Skinny Pants

Go for a morning jog or traverse a dense forest without the hassle of bulky clothes in women's skinny pants from Columbia Sportswear. Skinny pants for women are available in a range of thicknesses, from base layer tights to trail tough pants that will provide protection from sharp thorns and branches as you explore the wilderness.

Women's skinny leggings are ideal for a range of activities, including outdoor yoga, jogging around the neighborhood, or going on a long bike ride with friends. Don't let excess fabric get in your way. Skinny leggings for women from this collection are form-fitting and are perfect for wear under snow pants on the slopes, or under your favorite blue jeans on a frigid day.

Expertly tailored to move with your body, this apparel will feel comfortable even after a day long trek on a difficult path. Shop Columbia Sportswear and discover performance bottoms that are both functional and fashionable.