Columbia Sportswear Women's Trail Running Shoes

Spring up your favorite mountain path with women's trail running shoes from Columbia Sportswear. Off-road and off-track running requires specially designed footwear that's made to give you excellent traction on a range of terrain. Women's trail shoes from this line will help you keep your footing on sandy, gravelly or rocky surfaces. These high-quality trail running shoes for women feature impact absorbing soles that will lessen the stress on your knees, hips, and lower back. High-tech materials are lightweight and offer increased breathability, helping your feet feel fresh and comfortable, even after a long hike.

Shoes in the women's trail running collection at Columbia Sportswear are engineered with flexible soles that allow you to transfer maximum power into every stride. Upgrade to this fantastic footwear and discover the difference performance equipment can make. Don't cut your jog short due to sore feet, or risk slipping and causing an injury. Hit the trail with amazing gear.