Each year Columbia selects ten outdoor enthusiasts to join its #omniten program. The #omniten are not bloggers or athletes. They are college students, they are single mothers, they are successful business people… the common thread among them is a love for the outdoors, an appetite for adventure, and a desire to live inspired.

The #omniten began in 2012 as a challenge. Columbia challenged itself to find real people who love the outdoors as much as we do. We challenged ourselves to face reality by asking for honest product feedback. We challenged ourselves to explore the world with people who inspire us, people who push us, and people who live an active outdoor lifestyle.

Join Columbia on the next epic adventure. Just tag your photos, videos, and tweets with #omniten. We’ll find you.

#OMNITEN: Testing TurboDown

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Crossing the desert in style - Wadi Rum, Kingdom of Jordan. 2014

Jumping into adventure - Havasupai Falls, AZ. 2012

Testing white waters - Rogue River, OR. 2013

Cheering U.S. Freestyle Ski Team athletes - Deer Valley, UT. 2014