Trail Running Articles

Getting Started DAVID YOUNG Training for Trail Running: Tips for Beginners

Prepare for your next trail run with these strength-training tips and workout plans from Columbia Sportswear athlete Yassine Diboun.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH Trail Runner Willie Mcbride’s “40 for 40” Journey

Pro trail runner Willie McBride just completed his yearlong “40 for 40” endurance challenge. Learn more about his journey.

Outdoor Skills TROY ASPLUND 12 Tips for Trail Running in the Rain

Learn how to tackle muddy trails with these tips and tricks for trail running in the rain.

Outdoor Skills MICHELE ELDER How to Stay Cool While Running

From sun-protective clothing to hydration, discover our tips on how to beat the heat on your next trail run.

Gear Advice DAVID YOUNG How to Choose Trail Running Shoes

From weight to durability, discover what factors to consider when finding the right trail running shoe for you.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH How One Man Conquered Addiction Through the Outdoors

Discover the story of Pro ultra-runner Yassine Diboun, and how trail running and spending time outdoors helped him find freedom from substance abuse.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH Why This French Alps Race Is the World’s Most Badass Marathon

Nestled in the picturesque mountains of France’s Chamonix Valley, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) is an event where gorgeous scenery and badass human beings collide.

Getting Started RACHEL CAVANAUGH Trail Running vs. Road Running: Which One Wins? (Hint: It’s Trail Running)

Whether you’re completely new to running and trying to figure out where to start, here are some of the most compelling reasons to get into trail running.

Gear Advice RACHEL CAVANAUGH How Trail Jackets Have Evolved To Be So Amazingly Lightweight

Nowadays, rain shells are so lightweight you can barely tell you’re wearing them. How did science make it possible?

Outdoor Skills RACHEL CAVANAUGH How To Stick To Your New Year's Resolution To Run More When It's Freezing Outside

If you know the right secrets, winter running has amazing perks that you can’t get in the summertime.

Interview NATHAN DINSDALE Fastpacking with Joe McConaughy

The record-breaking trail runner talks fastest known times (FKTs), trail nicknames, and more.

Interview NATHAN DINSDALE Social Distancing with Distance Runners

Yassine Diboun and Willie McBride share their tips for staying active in a global pandemic.

Getting Started NATHAN DINSDALE Blaze a Trail: Tips for Getting Started

Ditch the treadmill and head for the hills with this guide to trail running.