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Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH Captains For Clean Water: Anglers Saving the Everglades

Learn more about Captains For Clean Water, an organization of fishing boat captains and outdoor enthusiasts, who have banded together to create environmental change.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH Carla Joelle Brown Retracing Civil Rights History

Learn more about Filmmaker Carla Joelle Brown’s documentary about her grandparents’ silent activism, traveling to National Parks During the Civil Rights Movement.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH Mental Health and the Outdoors with Madhappy and Columbia Sportswear

Learn more about the collaboration between Madhappy and Columbia Sportswear, focused on promoting time outside for your mental health.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH The Healing Power of the Outdoors for People with Breast Cancer

Discover the story of how one woman’s connection to the outdoors helped her with her battle against breast cancer.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH Why These Five LGBTQIA+ Adventurers Go Outside

From hiking in Patagonia to sailing the Atlantic coast, here are the stories of five adventurers and what the outdoors means to them.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH 7 Environmental Wins That Give Us Hope This Earth Day

From tiny chameleons to protected parks, learn more about recent environmental wins that are giving us hope for a greener future.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH How Black Women Are Walking To Take Their Power Back

Discover how the women of GirlTrek are fostering sisterhood and transforming their health by walking together to heal.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH How People of Color Are Reclaiming The Outdoors

Learn more about the organizations and individuals who are working to make the outdoors a more accessible and welcoming place for people of color.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH 4 Ways To Express Gratitude For The Outdoors

Use these outdoor ideas to say thank you to nature.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH Creating Body Positivity in Outdoor Spaces

From expanding product lines to hiring plus-size models, read how we are working to increase body inclusivity in the outdoors.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH Ecotherapy: Why Spending Time Outside Is Healing

Often referred to as ecotherapy, a growing number of psychologists have started to incorporate nature-based methods into their practices.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH Venturing Out: How Queer Folks Are Finding Community in the Outdoors

From backpacking trips to skiing adventures, The Venture Out Project is bringing LGBTQ+ people together outside.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH Forging a Path: Increasing Diversity in the Outdoors

The Greening Youth Foundation promotes racial equality in the outdoor industry. Read about their mission to make outdoor spaces more accessible.

Story RACHEL CAVANAUGH How Anglers Are Saving Our Waterways

Captains For Clean Water, an organization of boat captains & fishermen, is pushing a cluster of 68 Eco projects dubbed Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan.