Hiking Articles

Outdoor Skills DAVID YOUNG How to Prevent Chafing on the Trail

Don’t let discomfort derail your adventure. From hiking to trail running, here are some tips to keep you chafe-free.

Outdoor Skills KRISTEN GILL How to Hike at Elevation

Planning a high elevation hike? Check Out Columbia Sportswear’s guide to hiking at high elevation for tips, a gear checklist, safety information and more.

Getting Started DAVID YOUNG Tips for Hiking With Your Dog

Introduce your dog to the joys of hiking with Columbia’s tips for hiking with your dog.

Care & Repair TROY ASPLUND How to Clean Hiking Boots

For peak performance mile after mile it is important to take care of your gear. Check out our guide to proper care for your hiking boots.

Gear Advice RACHEL CAVANAUGH This Body Positivity Activist Reviewed Our Best Plus-Size Hiking Clothes

We sent a popular gear tester some of our best hiking gear and activewear. Check out her top five picks for plus-size hiking gear.

Gear Advice TROY ASPLUND The Ten Essentials of Hiking and Backpacking

Headed out on a hike or backpacking trip? Don’t forget the ten essentials of hiking and backpacking.

Gear Advice DAVID YOUNG How to Layer for Hiking

Before you head out on the trail check out Columbia Sportswear’s guide to layering for hiking.

Outdoor Skills KRISTEN GILL Unique Hiking Picnic Ideas for Every Palate

Tired of the same old PB&Js and granola bars? Try these one-of-a-kind hiking lunch ideas on your next adventure.

Gear Advice RACHEL CAVANAUGH The Hyper-Grippy Traction on This New Hiking Shoe Lets You “Be The Goat”

Columbia Sportswear’s Facet™ 75 Mid boasts cutting edge technology that helps you climb trails like a mountain goat.

Getting Started DAVID YOUNG How to Plan Your First Solo Hike

Discover the joys of hiking alone with these tips for solo hiking adventurers.

Outdoor Skills DAVID YOUNG Leave No Trace: Rules for Hiking Ethics and Etiquette

Learn how to become a more ethical hiker with our quick-guide to Leave No Trace principles.

Gear Advice MICHELE ELDER What to Wear Hiking: 10 Essentials to Pack

Whether you’re a beginner hiker or a trail expert, here’s a packing checklist for your next day hike.

Gear Advice DAVID YOUNG The Benefits of Hiking Poles: Do You Really Need Them?

Ever wonder why some hikers carry poles on the trails? Learn more about the benefits of using hiking pole on your next adventure.

Outdoor Skills DAVID YOUNG 4 Wilderness Survival Skills You Can Practice in Your Backyard

Before you head out into the wilderness, learn and practice these 4 wilderness survival skills.