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NANCY BOUCHARD What to Know About Thunder and Lightning

Everything you should know about the dangers of thunder and lightning.

Getting Started
NANCY BOUCHARD Via Feratta: Step Into The Vertical World

Learn more about Via Feratta, the “iron path”, a unique blend of rock climbing and hiking.

Outdoor Skills
TROY ASPLUND How to Avoid Mosquito Bites

Your complete guide to preventing mosquito bites while hiking, camping, or enjoying other outdoor activities

Gear Advice
TROY ASPLUND How to Layer Outdoor Clothes for Any Situation

From hiking to skiing to travel, learn the basics of layering for all-day comfort and protection.

Getting Started
RACHEL CAVANAUGH The Benefits of Cold Plunging

From reduced inflammation to improved mood, Discover the range of health benefits associated with cold plunging.

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DAVID YOUNG What to Pack for a Winter Cabin Getaway

Check out our ultimate cabin packing list for your winter vacation.

Getting Started
KRISTEN GILL What is Overlanding?

Check out our handy guide to learn about the basics of overlanding, how to get started, what you will need, and the unique ethos of the overlanding community.

Gear Advice
DAVID YOUNG Types of Camouflage: Pick the Right Pattern for Your Hunting Trip

From deer and elk to ducks and geese, here’s a breakdown of the best camo patterns for hunting

Gear Advice
TROY ASPLUND What to Wear When Paddleboarding

Learn more about how to dress for success on the water with the right clothing for paddleboarding.

Gear Advice
RACHEL CAVANAUGH The Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

Searching for the perfect gift for an outdoorsy dad? Columbia Sportswear is here to help with our gift guide for outdoorsy dads.

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DAVID YOUNG The Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms

Check out Columbia Sportswear’s guide for unique gifts for hikers, campers, and outdoor-loving moms.

RACHEL CAVANAUGH 13 Fun Facts About The Unique Sport Of Curling

We reached out to a curler from the U.S. Olympic team to get the lowdown on this lesser-known sport.

RACHEL CAVANAUGH Behind the Scenes With Luke Combs on His Montana Adventure

Teaming up with his wife, Nicole Combs, Luke Combs romped around the rolling foothills near Livingston, Montana as he got to know the lay of the land.

Outdoor Skills
RACHEL CAVANAUGH From Disaster to Delicious: 6 Fail-Proof Camping Recipes

We reached out to a handful of outdoor enthusiasts and asked for their funniest camp kitchen disasters, along with reliable recipes that emerged.