How To Wear a Neck Gaiter

From the classic neck wrap to the creative “wanna-beanie,” here are all of the best ways to wear a neck gaiter
If you love playing outside in the hot weather, neck gaiters are an essential part of your summer wardrobe. Whether it’s fishing, hiking, biking, or kayaking, they keep you cool during outdoor activities while also protecting your skin from the sun. That said, how to wear them isn’t always straightforward. To help you figure out the right look for your sport and lifestyle, check out our photo gallery of the best ways to wear a neck gaiter.


From draping it around your neck to pulling it over your face like a mask, here are the six best ways to wear a neck gaiter.

Around Your Neck

This classic neck gaiter look is achieved by sliding it over your head and wearing it around your neck like an infinity scarf.

Like a Headscarf

Compatible with long hair, ponytails, and man buns alike, you can make the “headscarf look” happen simply by folding the gaiter in half, sliding it over your head, and pulling your hair through.

Over the Nose

In the spirit of the Lone Ranger, this neck gaiter style still keeps most of your face sun protected while letting your cheeks and ears roam free.

Over the Ears

If sun protection is your main goal, pull the gaiter all the way up to your ears and wear it like a face mask.

Under the Helmet

For outdoor sports that require a helmet, soak your neck gaiter in cold water, wring it out, and wear it underneath—it will keep you cool and also manage sweat.

The Wanna-Beanie

To add a little fashion to the mix without sacrificing the functional benefits, give the “wanna-beanie” a try.
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