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Two women sitting on logs in the woods.
Two women sitting on logs in the woods.

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Women's Outdoor Pants & Shorts
In this collection of women's outdoor pants & shorts from Columbia Sportswear, you'll find amazing apparel that's made for life on the trail. Perfect for any adventure in nature, these tough outdoor pants for women offer protection from sharp sticks, plants with thorns or burrs, insect bites and a range of other hazards. Manufactured from durable materials, women's sportswear pants from this line feature a non-bulky slim modern fit. From hauling a kayak down to the river, to hiking a challenging terrain to the summit of a nearby mountain, you'll get the most out of your time in nature with apparel designed specifically for the outdoors. Hike that extra mile down the trail and discover an impressive new vista or a hidden waterfall and lagoon. Don't suffer a wardrobe malfunction miles from your home or camp. Explore with women's outdoor bottoms from Columbia Sportswear and put your trust in this brilliantly designed activewear.