Video of a man and woman exploring wilderness in Titanium gear.

Your Best Deserves Our Best
Crafted with our best features, fabric, and technologies, Titanium gear is designed for high-performance outdoor activity and built to take on whatever you (and the elements) can dish out.
Someone sliding a card out of a sleek jacket pocket.
Best Features
Technical detailing designed for maximum utility with an ergonomic fit built for ease of motion.
Raindrops on fabric
Best Fabric
Top-of-line fabrics crafted to deliver ultimate comfort and protection during outdoor activity.
A blue jacket sleeve with Omni-Tech in the snow.
Best Technology
Industry-leading innovations tested in the lab—and in the field—for tough all-weather performance.
Man and woman hiking a snowy mountainside in Titanium gear.
Close-up of a man in Titanium gear.
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A premium ski jacket with 700-fill down, advanced thermal-reflective lining, and waterproof fabric.
Regular price: $399.00
An insulated, hooded jacket featuring our most advanced thermal-reflective lining technology.
Regular price: $180.00
A waterproof-breathable, mountain-ready pant with cooling vents and action-ready fabric.
Regular price: $200.00
Powerful leggings with enhanced heat management technology and tons of breathability.
Regular price: $90.00
A powerful quarter-zip pullover with enhanced warmth management and tons of breathability.
Regular price: $90.00
A high-performance fleece that keeps you warm on chilly trails.
Regular price: $99.00
Efficient, Long-Lasting Warmth
A lining with revolutionary silver or gold dots that reflect and retain body heat for enhanced lightweight warmth.
Revolutionary Warmth
Industry-first thermal shield uses specially designed black dots to trap warmth and capture solar heat.
A New Way To Waterproof
A first-of-its-kind external membrane combines with breathable soft inner fabric to keep you dry—inside and out.
Advanced Sun Protection
First-of-its-kind tech that combines reflective dots deflecting sunlight away from the body with fabric that blocks harmful rays.
Maximum Cooling Power
Industry-leading tech for beating the heat with touch-activated cooling fabric and sweat-activated evaporative cooling.
Tough Mother Outdoor Guide
"Built tougher than it has to be.
Why? Because I said so."
Gert Boyle