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Women's Windbreakers
Whether you're spending a beautiful spring afternoon on the boat with family, or experiencing the changing colors of fall on a brisk late autumn trek through your local park, you'll have an incredible barrier against the elements with women's windbreakers from Columbia Sportswear. Windbreakers for women in this collection are designed to block out the cold breeze. Lighter that a winter coat, they're perfect for windy days in the spring, summer and fall. Women's windbreaker jackets in this line are made trail tough. They're comfortable while you're hiking through a dense forest and come in hand when you reach the windy summit. Roll one up in your backpack and be prepared for changing conditions throughout the course of your time at the park or mountain. Water resistant windbreak jackets for women from this selection are made from water resistant fabric, are available in a variety of colors, and feature an attractive modern fit.