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Meet Columbia's extended family. Having a crew of highly talented athletes and professionals like this is kind of like having a fleet of brothers and sisters. They might be a little faster or stronger, but they lead by example. They remind us that trying stuff is the fuel of progress.

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Bob Izumi

About Bob Izumi

Bob Izumi is Canada's best-known and most successful tournament fisherman, a respected author, seminar speaker, conservationist, television personality and radio show host. However, these accomplishments aside, what separates Bob from all others is a passion for the sport which puts him in a league all his own. Combine these with his approachable boyish charm, unpretentious easy going style, and level of enthusiasm which is infectious, and you begin to have an idea why the name Bob Izumi receives the respect it does. Over the years, Bob and his ‘Real Fishing' brand have developed an unparalleled level of credibility and trust.