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Hoodies for Men
When chilly temperatures hit, layer your look with Columbia hoodies for men. Our ultra comfortable men's hoodies are soft and stylish, featuring cool graphics and high-performance details. Layer them over your look or under your outerwear to stay prepared for changing weather year-round. Our men's zip-up hoodies or pullovers make great additions to any workout ensemble, perfect for wearing during warm-up or cool-down. Whether you're breaking a sweat, exploring the outdoors, or relaxing at home, these versatile essentials are up for anything you are. Quality fabrics like plush fleece and breathable cotton keep you warm and dry, and a wide range of fits and sizes lets you choose a style that's comfortable and flattering. Browse our selection of men's pullover hoodies in many colors, featuring eye-catching graphics that add a stylish touch to your activewear. They're the pieces you want on hand for ultimate comfort at a moment's notice.

Lightweight jackets are a must for keeping in your car or truck or at the office for when you head out into cooler temperatures. Choose from cotton, lightweight fleece and jersey blends. The climate determines which hoodie is most versatile for your needs. Cotton and jersey fabrics are always favorites because they move with your body and are easy to layer with other items in your closet. When the temperatures dip below 40 degrees, you may want something heavier like lightweight fleece. Some sweatshirts are lightly insulated only at the core, giving you the warmth needed during the mild transition season. When spending time outside, layer with ease. This means you don't have to tote around a jacket or worry about overheating since you can always remove layers. Start with an undershirt, add a long-sleeved tee or T-shirt and top with the hoodie for total comfort when working or hanging outdoors.